10 reasons why you should drink lemom water

10 reasons why you should drink lemom water

1. Boosts your immune system:

Your immune system can expect a kick start due to lemons high level of Vitamin C. This helps keep away cold and flu’s particularly during the cold season. Lemons are also high in Potassium, which has been known to help control blood pressure.

2. Balances pH:

Lemon water, drank on a daily basis, can aid in reducing your bodies acidity. This is because lemons are a very high alkaline food. Now you may be thinking, aren’t lemons full of citric acid and the answer would be yes they are however they do not create acid in your body once metabolised.

3. Helps with weight loss:

Lemons / lemon water can help control hunger cravings. The element in the lemon that helps control the bodies hunger level is called Pectin Fiber and its results are proven

4. Aids digestion:

Unwanted materials in the body can be flushed out through the aid of lemon water. Lemon water can encourage the liver to produce more acid, which will aid in heartburn and constipation

5. Is a diuretic:

Lemons help purify toxins and therefore your urine can pass at a faster rate hence keeping your urinary track clean

6. Clears skin:

Lemon water removes toxins from the blood, which helps keep shin clear. Its high level of vitamin C also help decrease wrinkles and blemishes

7. Freshens breath:

Lemon water can not only freshen your breath but it can also assist in reliving tooth pain and gingivitis. Note the high levels of acid can also erode your enamel so please make sure your wash thoroughly with water and consult your doctor is needed

8. Relieves respiratory problems:

Lemon water can aid in getting rid of those annoying coughs or mild chest infections. In some cases it has been known to help asthma and allergies as well

9. Keeps you zen:

When your body is put into high stress situations in often reacts by dropping its Vitamin C levels. Drinking lemon water and help restore those levels first thing in the morning allowing you to perform better all day.

10. Helps kick the coffee habit:

O.K I’m not 100% sure how this one works but after I have lemon water in the morning I find me need for coffee reduced. Don’t know why but I’ll take it