The Triangle Choke

The Triangle Choke

Below we will explain how to lock in a Triangle Choke from the Guard position:

1. If you have a closed guard uncross your legs and try to wriggle away from your opponent slightly.

2. Secure wrist control and push your opponents left arm in between your legs.

3. Extend your right and left legs and lock them together ensuring your opponents right arm is locked between your legs.

4. Wrap your right leg around you’re your opponents head and hold it in place by wrapping your hand around your shin (leg should be in your opponents neck cavity); your left leg should push against your opponents right thigh.

5. Remove your left leg from your opponents right thigh and place it across your right foot (right foot under left knee) locking it in place; place your left foot on your opponents back.

6. Move your opponents right hand to the left side, place both your hands on the back of your opponents head and push down whilst squeezing your legs together.

This can be a difficult submission to lock in so play with it until you can secure the perfect Triangle Choke.