So is Barry Happy About Fighting “Down Under”?

So is Barry Happy About Fighting “Down Under”?

Pat Barry and Soa Palelei should be  on your ‘can’t miss’ list. After all, Barry has consistently demonstrated that win or lose, chances are something memorable is going to happen in his fights. Palelei, on the other hand, well he’s stopped nine opponents in a row.

While fans in attendance that night in Brisbane, Australia, could be treated to a thrilling fight, it’s interesting to hear that Barry isn’t exactly thrilled about making the trip “down under.” Here is what he had to say about it:

“I don’t like the fact that my itinerary says that I leave Sunday afternoon and land on Tuesday. I think the flight leaves Denver, fly’s around Australia, goes back to Denver and to Australia, I have no idea. It shouldn’t be that far. Don’t tell me we’re landing on Tuesday, I can’t handle that.”

“When I first signed to UFC I made two small requests. And I’m going to premise that with an awesome statement that I will fight anyone, anywhere at anytime, doesn’t matter if it’s short notice, I’m always ready, and I will fight the day of, I’m never going to say no. But, I have two requests. One, I never ever ever want to fight in Australia unless you send me a boat to get there six months in advance; and I never want to fight in Colorado. Now I’m fighting in Australia and I live in Colorado.”

Yes, there’s no denying that flying to Australia from the U.S. isn’t exactly quick, and it would be tough fighting in a region that’s 18, 19 hours ahead of where you reside (depending on where you live of course). Hopefully the trek and time difference doesn’t prevent Barry from throwing some of his fearsome bombs on December 7th.

Posted by Kelley Tidwell