Big Time Boxing – Thursday 13 June 2013

Big Time Boxing – Thursday 13 June 2013

Venue: Orion Function Centre, Campsie, New South Wales, Australia 

Billel Dib vs. Dylan Sendeckyj

Sendeckyj used his jab well in the first and kept Dib at distance although Dib moved very well and didn’t give Dylan much to aim at – very much a feeling out process in Round 1. Lots of holding in Round 2, which resulted in plenty of dirty boxing.  A few overhand rights from Dib got the crowds going but neither fighter was able to gain the ascendancy. Dib consistently made Sendeckyj miss in the third, which was energy sapping, Dylan was given a final warning in relation to holding. The fighters were consistently getting tangled up in the fourth, however when they broke Dib was getting the better of the exchanges with Dylan getting more and more frustrated. Great counter punching by Dib in the fifth; he continued to make Sendeckyj miss but this time gave him a few receipts on the way out. Sendeckyj continuing to miss in the sixth while Dib picked him off when the opportunity arose. Dib also started to mix in some good body shots which further frustrated Dylan. Dib swarmed Sendeckyj at the start of the seventh and a stoppage looked likely however Dylan gallantly fought on. Dib continued to work the body and throw straight punches which opened up gaping holes in Dylan’s defence. Dib continually tried to find the KO punch in round 8 and after a barrage of pressure he landed a perfect body shot that sent Dylan crashing to the canvas; to his credit he did get up but the ref had seen enough and stopped the fight.

Dib defeated Sendeckyj by TKO in Round 8 to win the Australian Super Featherweight Title.

Shane Quinn vs. Adam Lovelock

Feeling out process in the first round, Quinn threw a few decent 1-2 combinations but neither fighter took any major risks. Early in round 2 Lovelock tried to switch to southpaw and in the process got caught with a massive right hand and this one was over.

Quinn defeated Lovelock via KO in Round 2.

Dylan Emery vs. Kurt Finlayson

Finlayson was the busier fighter at the beginning of Round 1 until he walked straight into a right hand – solid first round for Emery. Early in Round 2 Emery landed almost the same right hand and dropped Finlayson again, this time he didn’t get up.

Emery defeated Finlayson by TKO in Round 2.

Mohammed Elomar vs. Takamori Akita

Pretty placid first round, Akita landed a nice sucker punch when the ref called for a break and that was pretty much the best punch of the round. Elomar threw a few decent combinations but no clean punches landed. Decent exchanges in the second, some haymakers were thrown which excited the crowd but neither fighter really looked like getting through. Elomar began to gas in the third and started throwing rangy loose punches which resulted in him getting picked off with the jab from Akita. Much the same in the 4th a lot of distant combinations but both fighters quickly lost strength so a finish was looking unlikely. Better exchanges in the fifth with Akita backed up to the ropes and eating some decent body shots however they didn’t carry the power to do any real damage. Pretty lacklustre final round up until the last 30 seconds when both boys let loose and tried to take each other’s heads off! Decent enough fight to start the main card.

Elomar defeated Akita by Split Decision (56-59, 58-57, 59-56)