Cancellation Left Rose Namajunas Devastated

Cancellation Left Rose Namajunas Devastated

Rose Namajunas trained and prepared for a fight at UFC 187.

When her opponent, Nina Ansaroff, was declared unfit to compete, though, the former Ultimate Fighter finalist was left with nothing to do in Las Vegas over the weekend.

Despite receiving both her show and win money, Namajunas still expressed her frustration over the entire ordeal during the prelim show on FOX Sports 1. Ansaroff also came in four pounds over during weigh-ins, but both agreed to still compete.

“It was devastating that she was not able to make weight,” Namajunas said. “Then once we found out that we were not going to have the fight altogether, it was just devastating because I worked really hard for this.

“I was working really hard for this and it’s kind of upsetting for the fans, my

Posted by Kelley Tidwell