Disrespecting MMA

Disrespecting MMA

Recent actions and voices from certain parts of the media and the Victorian Government in regards to MMA, UFC and the ridiculous cage ban they have in place have angered all MMA fans.

It all started a few weeks back after the UFC event in Brisbane, when a particular journalist who was uneducated and knew nothing about the sport, felt that it was his duty to voice his opinion in a national newspaper. He doesn’t like blood and combat sports. That’s fine; if you don’t like it don’t watch it, but don’t force your opinion on anyone else based on your own uninformed bias prejudices. He even went on to say women should not be allowed to participate, proving that his views are out dated.

The subject reared it’s head again when the Victorian Government decided that it was the best interest if the cage ban stayed in place. As we all know the cage is there to serve one purpose only – the safety of it’s competitors. The reasons the Government have given thus far for continuing the cage ban are nothing short of ridiculous. At first their argument was the perception that the cage gives; they don’t like the look of locking two people in a cage to fight. Firstly I say to them, learn the rules, attend a few events and actually understand that a cage is first and foremost a safety apparatus. I liken no cage for MMA to banning helmets and pads for cricket.

Most recently large sections of mainstream media have also jumped on the anti MMA bandwagon. The fact that they know nothing about what they are talking about is only the start of this problem. When they refer to UFC as a sport all they are doing is reinforcing to us that they have done no research and only care about their own agendas whilst completely disregarding the facts.

The thing that has got me and other MMA fans most riled up is that all of a sudden media outlets and portions of parliament are now blaming MMA and UFC on violent drunken street attacks and assaults. They keep comparing these thugs on the streets to MMA athletes and this is an absolute disgrace. The perception they paint of MMA athletes is that they are all meat headed thugs who have no hope in life and all they can do to get by is to fight. This is insulting to both MMA fans and athletes alike.

These arguments are invalid, and blaming societies shortcomings and peoples stupidity on a particular sport that they do not like is a disgrace.

Blog by Aaron Wood @BlueSpur86

Posted by Josh