ESPN To Examine Beginning Of UFC

ESPN To Examine Beginning Of UFC

Later this month, the ESPN “30 for 30” podcast series will take a look at the birth of the UFC.

The episode, entitled “No Rules: The Birth of UFC” is part of the second season for the audio series.

The first episode is set to be released on November 14.

In the early 1990s, salesman Art Davie and Brazilian jiu-jitsu master Rorion Gracie set out to answer a simple riddle: Who is the ultimate fighter? A wrestler? A boxer? A martial arts master? The answer, in the form of the first-ever ‘Ultimate Fighting Championship’ (UFC), was more violent and electrifying than anything else on TV. In the aftermath, a multi-billion-dollar sport was born, but Art and Rorion were left to watch others get all the credit. Featuring interviews with: Art Davie, co-creator of UFC; Rorion Gracie, co-creator of UFC; Royce Gracie, UFC Hall of Famer; Ken Shamrock, UFC Hall of Famer

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