Fighter Profile – Jordan Barrett

Fighter Profile – Jordan Barrett

Check out the latest Mixed Martial Artist and Redemption Martial Arts Ambassador to be profiled on The Fighters Hub:

Name: Jordan Barrett

Nickname: Big Bear

Age: 22

Country of Origin: USA

Gym: Korean Martial Arts Association “KMA”

Weight Class: HWT hopefully 205 by the end of the year

Promotions Fought For: Driller-SEG, Full Nelson Promotions, Brutal, King of the Cage

How did your MMA journey commence?

I left home at 17 and I needed money. I was depressed and a friend turned me to MMA. The sport saved my life.

What is it about MMA that attracts you to the sport? 

The ability to test my skills against another man and the applause of the crowd.

Who was your favourite fighter growing up? 

Chris Leben.

What sort of a fighter would you say you are?

I’m a ground fighter with evolving laser strikes.

What has been your most memorable moment in MMA thus far? 

My first fight! Coming out to the crowd cheering; 45 seconds after some nasty ground and pound getting my hand raised. Since that happened I’ve been hooked.

You have an affiliation with Redemption Martial Arts – why did you choose to support this great cause?

I love this cause because I was bullied and told I was fat, unattractive. It’s part of the reason I fight, to get in better shape and release pent up aggression. Now I have a platform to tell people of the dangers of bullying.

For potential promotions or sponsors out there – what separates you from the rest of the fighters in the sport?

What separates me is that I may get beat on but I keep coming back.. I’m tenacious.

Your dream fight – who would it be?

Dream fight would be against Jeff Monsoon. He is incredible

What would you say is your penultimate goal in MMA?

Ultimate goal would be for people to remember me for my heart and I inspired someone to get in the sport.