Fighter Profile – Jose Luis Barreiro

Fighter Profile – Jose Luis Barreiro

Check out the second fighter to be profiled on The Fighters Hub “Fighter Profiles”:

Name: Jose Luis Barreiro

Nickname: The American Bulldog

Age: 32

Country of Origin: USA

Gym: UFC Gym BJ Penn

Weight Class: 155

Promotions Fought For: MMA Solutions, Destiny MMA and Star Elite Promotions

How did your MMA journey commence? 

I enlisted in the Army, into 1/75th Ranger Regiment and gained interest into the then forming Combatives Program

What is it about MMA that attracts you to the sport? 

It’s two people testing their raw, natural talents against each other. No matter how high stressed or high paced your career or life are, you can get into a cage and let everything channel into raw actions.

Who was your favourite fighter growing up? 

Royce Gracie.

What sort of a fighter would you say you are? 

I am a very technical fighter with deadly submissions.

What has been your most memorable moment in MMA thus far? 

Having my friends, family and fans be there for my fight when I was awarded fight of the night.

For potential promotions or sponsors out there – what separates you from the rest of the fighters in the sport? 

I am an honorable and respectful fighter and role model. I believe in upholding standards at all times and giving back to the community and younger generations.

Your dream fight – who would it be?

Colton Smith.

What would you say is your penultimate goal in MMA? 

To become a professional fighter with a steady career in the sport.

You can check out a few of Jose’s awards and belts below:

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