Fighter Profile – Leroy Montoya

Fighter Profile – Leroy Montoya

Check out the latest mixed martial artists and Redemption Martial Arts Ambassador to be included in our Fighter Profiles:

Name: Leroy Montoya

Nickname: Texas Made

Age: 25

Country of Origin: USA

Gym: Warriors Edge

Weight Class: 125 Pounds (Flyweight)

Promotions Fought For: Belts of Honorious Promotion

How did your MMA journey commence?

I loved watching The old Pride, Strike Force, WEC, UFC fight on T.V. A close friend was a fighter and he asked me to try it out. After the firsts day I was hooked and never stopped.

What is it about MMA that attracts you to the sport? 

The Rush is what I love the most. Locked in the with cage my opponent and the referee. ALL EYES ON ME.

Who was your favourite fighter growing up? 

Jose Aldo has always been my Favorite fighter. His WEC days he tore through his opponents and always puts on a show.

What sort of a fighter would you say you are?

My strength is in my ground game. Jiu Jitsu and controlling my opponent on the ground.

What has been your most memorable moment in MMA thus far? 

My most memorable moment has to be my 2nd MMA fight vs Nick van Dihn. The belly down Armbar I finished him with.

You have an affiliation with Redemption Martial Arts – why did you choose to support this great cause?

I was bullied when I was young. Always the smallest one in class and not very talkative. I don’t want my kids going through that at all. I want to spread the word.

For potential promotions or sponsors out there – what separates you from the rest of the fighters in the sport?

I train hard and as much as possible to put on a show and finish fights. I’m always showing love to my sponsors through social media and telling my friends about them.

Your dream fight – who would it be?

Dream Fight Leroy Montoya vs Demetrious Johnson for the 125lb UFC belt!!

What would you say is your penultimate goal in MMA?

My ultimate goal is to be the best Flyweight out there. Not just in Texas but in the world!!