Fighter Profile – Stacey Braithwaite

Fighter Profile – Stacey Braithwaite

Check out the latest mixed martial artists and Redemption Martial Arts Ambassador to be included in our Fighter Profiles:

Name: Stacey Braithwaite

Nickname: Bam Bam

Age: 27

Country of Origin: UK

Gym: Gorilla Fight Team

Weight Class: 115 Pounds

Promotions Fought For: Spirit Fc & Caged Fighters

How did your MMA journey commence?

I started kickboxing and karate when I was 16 because I was bullied at school. Training gave me confidence and helped me to come out of my shell and getting to punch and kick things really gets rid of a lot of aggression and anger! I only started MMA about 2 years ago, initially to lose weight after having my little boy but I soon became addicted and wanted to compete. I focused on the stand up side as that’s what my background was in. I turned up for a jits session and could not do a single move and got tapped out a lot but I stuck with it then combined the two together and there you go my love for MMA began!

What is it about MMA that attracts you to the sport? 

I love the fact you’re always learning, there are so many different styles, it’s pretty exciting!

Who was your favourite fighter growing up? 

The fight that encouraged me want to start MMA training was Cyborg vs Carano. I’d say Cyborg is one of my favourite fighters.

What sort of a fighter would you say you are?

I’d say I’m a stand up fighter but I do love grappling and wrestling also.

What has been your most memorable moment in MMA thus far? 

Stepping into the cage for the first time and having my mum there to watch me.

You have an affiliation with Redemption Martial Arts – why did you choose to support this great cause?

As a victim of bullying myself, I think it’s brilliant what you do. I think it’s important for victims to know they’re not alone and there is hope and support out there.

For potential promotions or sponsors out there – what separates you from the rest of the fighters in the sport?

I’m a very determined person that has drastically turned my life around. I never thought I’d be doing this kind of a sport but I am and I love it! It’s sometimes difficult with being a single parent but I have a lot of support from my mum, she encourages me to chase my dreams.

Your dream fight – who would it be?

I personally don’t have one for myself but I would like to see Cyborg destroy Rousey!

What would you say is your penultimate goal in MMA?

Too keep going for as long as I possibly can and maybe one day turn pro.

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