Forrest Friffin retires from UFC

Forrest Friffin retires from UFC

Forrest Griffin’s retirement was announced Saturday night at the post-fight press conference for UFC 160.  Griffin was noticeable in the stands just feet away from the Octagon throughout the card.

The former UFC light heavyweight champion and winner of The Ultimate Fighter is only 33 years ofgktld. Hard to believe he is so young, the soon to be Hall of Fame fighter has fought some of the biggest and baddest in his weight class. However he suffered a nasty knee injury late last year that took him out of a fight with Phil Davis.

“When Dana says you should retire, you should retire, otherwise you’ll blow your knee out,” said Griffin, who received a standing ovation from the press conference crowd.

Griffin will remain with the UFC in someway – something UFC president Dana White has always stated would be the case after his TUF victory over Stephan Bonnar. Forrest Griffin and Stephan Bonnar will be inducted into the UFC Hall of Fame at the UFX Expo in July.

Griffin’s last fight inside 314092_3870507714589_1036857187_nthe UFC Octagon was also at UFC 148 where Tito Ortiz had his last fight with the UFC also, last July.  Dana also confirmed that Forrest will stay with the UFC “at least for the rest of my life” and says “Hopefully he’ll work more than Chuck does”

Do you feel this was Forrest time to retire? He did just start his family however he is only still young and may have many more fights left in him. I personaly feel he is done and has been ready to walk away from the sport (just as he did after the end of round 5 at UFC 148).