GSP Wants Fights With no Rounds

GSP Wants Fights With no Rounds

St. Pierre was asked recently how he’d improve the sport’s rules. Here is some of what the 32 year-old fighter had to say:

“I think by doing rounds, we’re breaking the momentum of the fight and making the fight different,” GSP said. “I think the rounds have been added in the past because they want it to be more similar to boxing, but I believe in MMA, we are our own sport. We should not try to copy any other sport.

“If you want to see two guys fighting each other and see who’s the best man, let them fight. Don’t stop the fight until it’s finished. If there were no rounds, I believe there would be way more finishes.”

How about that? There’s no question fights without rounds would be dramatically different than the ones we see currently. A fighter’s conditioning would have to be that much better, and there’s no doubt “way more finishes” would materialize. Not only because of fatigue, but submissions and stoppages are prevented all the time by rounds concluding.

GSP also proposed a 15 minute time limit for regular fights, and 25 minutes of non-stop action for title bouts. Will this happen? It’s extremely unlikely. The sport in it’s current format is what the mainstream understands and knows.

Posted by Kelley Tidwell