Henry Cejudo Says He’ll Never Fight TJ Dillashaw Again

Henry Cejudo Says He’ll Never Fight TJ Dillashaw Again

Former UFC Bantamweight Champion TJ Dillashaw was recently suspended two years by the United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) for a failed drug test in line with UFC Fight Night Brooklyn.

UFC Flyweight Champion Henry Cejudo, who fought and defeated Dillashaw at UFC Fight Night Brooklyn, says they will never meet again.

“I’ll never fight him again, dude,” Cejudo said backstage at UFC 236. “And I’m not, it’s not like I’m scared or whatnot. I shook his hand, and, this is a sport. This isn’t baseball – you’re not hitting a baseball, there’s another human being, dude, so I want no part of him. It doesn’t matter what they’re going to offer me, what they’re going to give me. In my eyes, T.J., there’s bad intentions, literally. There’s no desire for me to want the fight. I’ve always been drug-free.”

Cejudo and Marlon Moraes will now battle for the vacant UFC Bantamweight Title in the main event of UFC 238.

The flyweight champion says that he had heard the Dillashaw was using illegal substances, even before the USADA era.

“I’ve heard on T.J., and I really never brought it up, he was on supposedly in the days prior to USADA, even Cody (Garbrandt), himself, was like, ‘Hey, watch out dude, he’s dirty,’” Cejudo said. “People would come up to me, and I never really brought it up because I thought that that part of MMA is over, but I think once you find out he’s on it, it’s like, this dude ain’t playing fair. It’s a little dirty man. It’s not good for our sport. He could have hurt me.”

UFC 238 takes place on Saturday, June 8 from the United Center in Chicago, Illinois with Henry Cejudo and Marlon Moraes headlining

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