The importance of WMMA

The importance of WMMA

As much as MMA is billed as “The fastest growing sport in the world” it is still struggling to gain a major foothold in the mainstream of many corners of the globe. Australia is no exception to this.

Those who oppose the sport see it as barbaric and seem to think its competitors are all a bunch of meat heads who can do nothing else with their lives other than fight. Unfortunately the people with these views are generally politicians and people in positions of power in regard to law making and distributing sport through mainstream media. And even more disappointing is that they are not interested in educating themselves with some actual facts about MMA.

As most MMA fans are fully aware one of the best bases to gain success in MMA is through a strong wrestling background.  Little do those in power realise that a lot of the top MMA fighters today have come through a strong college based wrestling programme and are in fact highly educated, intelligent individuals.

The best asset MMA currently has in regard to changing this perception is the various women’s divisions that exist. None more important than Invicta FC, a full roster of only female competitors. As Invicta continues to grow so too does the profile of its competitors and WMMA in general.


The fact that Invicta has taken America by storm is a great thing for MMA. People can now finally see fighters in a different light. Instead of thinking that MMA fighters are dead beats, people can now see that its a legitimate sport and career path for people.

Most MMA organistions are embracing the women’s divisions and not only does WMMA open up the sport in a new light they are also highly talented fighters and quite often over shadow the men’s fights in terms of excitement for the fans.

With MMA desperately close to forging an identity in the mainstream the role of WMMA increases. Now people can really start to identify with fighters on the women’s circuit and this will hopefully translate over to the men’s where fighters can start to get some much needed and well earned respect from general public.

Although still a long way to go, the greatest asset the UFC and MMA in general has is the WMMA divisions. It’s now up to the relevant organisations to promote this and use it in the right way to finally gain acceptance as a real sport from the detractors.

Blog by Aaron Wood @BlueSpur86

Posted by Josh