Interview with Colin ‘Dr. Freakshow’ Fletcher

Interview with Colin ‘Dr. Freakshow’ Fletcher

Recently we caught up with Colin ‘Dr. Freakshow’ Fletcher to discuss his BAMMA Title Fight with Mansour Barnaoul on 14 December 2013. Check out what Colin had to say:

Colin, thanks for joining us on The Fighters Hub. Most Aussie’s will know you from TUF Smashes where you took care of a few of our boys, what sort of an experience was it like being on TUF?

It was awesome to be a part of TUF Smashes I had a great time and met some wicked guys and did some real fun things.

You are definitely one of the more entertaining fighters to watch (including costumes and outfits), why is it that you have become so popular with the fans?

I dont know really I try to stay true to myself; I’m a real weirdo and I express it all the time I dont give a f$#k what people think about me but I do try to treat people well and I can have a party in an empty room I suppose people can see that when they watch my exploits.

We have a lot to do with the Australian Fighting Championship (AFC) and one of their fighters Dean ‘The Punisher’ Purdon regularly fights in Speedos – can we expect to see you fighting in a pair of Speedos in the future?

No way speedos defo aint a good look on me you guys saw me in a swimming costume that was bad enough!

So, to your most recent fight, you fought Mansour Barnaoul and were unfortunately defeated by Submission, talk to us about the fight?

It was a fun fight; Mansour is a great figher and I made a lot of mistakes in the fight but its not the end of the world some fights you win some you learn from! I’m told I’l ĺget a rematch] if I win my next fight.

What was your game plan going into the fight?

I knew he’d look to start fast so my plan was to weather an early storm and pick him apart.

Your submission game is very good, where you surprised he was able to lock in the RNC?

No not really he’s got a great ground game himself. My plan to stay cool went out of the window as soon as the fight started. I let my ego run away with me! There where a few situations in the fight where I could of finished the fight but I was rushing everything and he got my back and stupidly pushed his leg he trapped my arm and finished the choke. Fair play to him he was better on the night.

If you had your time over again what would you differently?

Hopefully I will! And next time I wont get drawn into a silly brawl I’ll stay composed as I believe I’m a better fighter but MMA’s a cruel unforgiving mistress and slight mistakes can cost you the fight you just gotta keep pushing forward.

What changes do you plan to make to your fight game in the future?

Not a lot  I’m at it 6-8 hours per day – I love this game and pushing myself to my limits I’m gonna try and fight more regularly; I might even have a few k1 fights.

When can we expect to see you back in the cage?

I’m looking to be matched up to fight on 22nd February in London and if I win that I’ll be challenging Manour for the BAMMA world title again.

And finally, What would you like to say to all of your fans and sponsors out there?

Just I love all you guys honestly I’ll continue to fight and put on a show for people as long as they are happy to watch thats what its all about for me. I thrive when im appreciated and left to have fun with my life 🙂