Interview with Peter Davenport

Interview with Peter Davenport

The Fighters Hub spent a few minutes with Peter Davenport today to discuss his upcoming fight at AFC 5 on 10 May.

Peter is currently fighting out of Ultimate Training Centre Sydney and Cherubin Jiu-Jitsu Academy.

Check out what Peter had to say:

The Fighters Hub: How did you get involved in MMA?

Peter: I used to wrestle in high school, then I played VFL footy and found that MMA was a good way to keep up my fitness. In particular BJJ was excellent for keeping fit and I really enjoyed it so I kept at it. I just love the fight game and the more I learnt the more I wanted it.

The Fighters Hub: What sort of a fighter would you say you are?

Peter: I am there to brawl and put on a show for the fans! It’s that simple really. I want to been seen as a fan favourite and in order to get that I have to give the fans what they want to see and put on exciting fights. I’m not scared of getting knocked out; I’m going to show up and bang!

The Fighters Hub: How has your training camp been for you upcoming fight?

Peter: I have had a couple of niggling injuries but that’s really part of the fight game. The lead ups been excellent, I’ve put in plenty of training, I’m feeling fit so there are no issues and no excuses. When I’m preparing for fights I’m focussing on improving everyday as a fighter. Everyday I get physically and mentally stronger and that’s the key.

The Fighters Hub: Your fighting Dean Purdon, what do you know about him?

Peter: Nothing! I don’t watch videos or tapes I leave that to my coaches. My coaches will research, watch some of his fights then they will and structure my training to suit. I’ve never sat around and watched and worried, my trainers take care of that.

The Fighters Hub: What tactics do you plan to employ in this fight?

Peter: Tactics are simple; go out there and bring it, I’m going to stand and brawl. If he wants to wrestle I’m cool with that; all I want to do is put on a show. I’m not worried where the fight goes; I’ll go wherever he goes and do whatever it takes to get the win!

The Fighters Hub: If you could have a dream fight who would it be against?

Peter: Right now my focus is on Dean Purdon and AFC 5; it would be disrespectful to look past him and start thinking about other fights. I’m going to do whatever it takes to win this fight then I’ll worry about what happens next.

The Fighters Hub: What can we expect from you in the future?

Peter: Could be anything really, it’s up to me and what I’m prepared to do. Right now I’m focussed on continually getting better, I’m focussed on getting wins and taking fights as they come. All I want to do is put on a show for the fans and get the job done – winning in style and continually racking up the W’s.

The Fighters Hub: Anyone you’d like to say thanks to?

Peter: Yeah I’d like to thank Jordan Chenery – my strength and conditioning coach from Effective Health Solutions. He spends hours getting me in shape and ready to fight. Also Daniel Cherubin from Cherubin Jiu Jitsu and Lincoln Hudson from Ultimate Training Centre Sydney.

I’d also like to thank the AFC for giving me the opportunity and all the sponsors they have got on board to support the event on 10 May.


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