Interview with Rusty McBride

Interview with Rusty McBride

The Fighters Hub caught up with Rusty McBride to discuss his upcoming Lightweight Title fight at AFC 5 on 10 May.

Rusty is currently fighting out of Dominance MMA in Richmond.

Check out what Rusty had to say:

The Fighters Hub: How did you get involved in MMA?

Rusty: I started training because my dad was training at the time; I was also focussed on my fitness and MMA really helped with that. After a while I started sparring with a few guys and I handled myself well so I thought I’d take it to the next level and its really all grown from there.

The Fighters Hub: What sort of a fighter would you say you are?

Rusty: These days I’d say I’m a holistic fighter. At the beginning I was more of a grappler on the ground but also on the feet. I’m much more well rounded now. It took time to shape the fighter that I am, but now I’m really comfortable wherever the fight goes.

The Fighters Hub: How has your training camp been for your upcoming fight?

Rusty: Absolutely brutal. I’ve been working really hard on my cardio and conditioning as well as sharpening all the aspects of my game. I’ve been concentrating a lot on not wearing as many knees as last time.

The Fighters Hub: Your fighting Daniel Hooker for a second time so what do you think about him?

Rusty: This is the second time we have fought and I definitely don’t want to take as many knees as I did last time! In our first fight I think I concentrated too much on the belt and not enough on the fight. To be honest I was a bit taken back by the glamour of going for a title and I got distracted; I got to caught up in the mental battle.

The Fighters Hub: What tactics do you plan to employ in this fight?

Rusty: In the first fight I pretty much relied on my strength and athleticism; this time I have a much better skill set that I will be able to use. Daniel is a really skilful fighter; he’s accurate, deliberate and economical with his stuff. He controlled the last fight; this time I plan to be more deliberate and take control.

The Fighters Hub: How do you see the fight going?

Rusty: I want a definitive answer, I want a finish. To be honest I cant answer who will finish, last time after the nut shot and two eye gouges we didn’t really get an answer, but I, Daniel and the AFC need an answer. I want to know if he can beat me without a doctor stoppage, can he go the distance with me.

The Fighters Hub: What can we expect from you in the future?

Rusty: I want to go where every fight wants to go!  I really want Australia to be recognised for the skilled fighters that we have and I want to be a part of that group. I think the guys in The Ultimate Fighter represented Australia well so I’m not taking anything away from them, but I think Australia is better than that and I want the world to see it.

The Fighters Hub: Anyone you’d like to thank?

Rusty: Yeah Dominance MMA for all of their support and sponsorship. I’d also like to thank all of the associates of Dominance that have helped me get ready for the fight.


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