Jon Jones Shares How Much Longer he Plans to Fight

Jon Jones Shares How Much Longer he Plans to Fight

Jon Jones has relayed that if everything goes to plan, he hopes to retire before his prime years are done. How about that?

Jones reportedly stated in a recent appearance that he hopes to hang up the gloves at the age of 30…If you don’t know, the UFC Light-Heavyweight Champion is 26. Then, in a follow up report with MMA, “Bones” stood by his statements by saying:

“I feel like its been fun. I’ve got a little bit more to prove, but I’ve also proven a lot already and there’s no need to do it after 30,” Jones said. “I think I’m a smart enough guy to be able to do a lot of other things.”

Jones has accomplished so much especially when you consider that he didn’t make his pro debut until 2008. Jones insisted that his comments aren’t a ploy to get more money from the UFC, as he relayed he could “retire today”, due to his favourable financial situation.  So what are some other reasons he wants to exit at 30? Aside from pursuing other ambitions?

“I just want to leave the sport with a good head on my shoulders,” Jones said. “I don’t want to be one of these guys that are taking fights way past their prime.”

“I want to leave my legacy in a healthy spot,” Jones said. “I want my legacy to be respected and I just want to leave on top.”

Of course, lots can change over four years, especially in a sport like MMA. Case in point, it wasn’t that long ago when Anderson Silva was saying he was going to retire at 35, and now “The Spider’s” 38. That said, the legendary fighter isn’t currently on top.

Posted by Kelley Tidwell