Allow me to introduce myself; I am Kelley, a small town girl with big city dreams. I come from a land far away from civilization where reality doesn’t exist, a place where your hopes and dreams for life cannot subside. I tried my best in school, graduated high school and college and continued to of course, go to work for someone else in the media world. Video and Media was my only motivation besides the entertainment field. After getting my first years’ experience I broke loose went freelance, worked on several movies…it was a job I was good at, but not happy doing. Then, the newspaper landed me a job as a scriptwriter with a potential of a very nice income…to my parents I had achieved success, to me it was failure – it was goals I had accomplished, but they were not my own. During the time between writing and production I used this period to promote myself in the industry which led to an extra role in an independent films. While attending college and doing modelling jobs on the side, I always set up my own work. I did several things within the this time , as a model, as a spokes model, and other movies as walk on or even main characters, I also worked with many photographers all over the US including Hawaii. Since entering my 30’s life has driven me in a different direction. My passion for sports primarily MMA has taken a hold of me. I have been able over the past few years written for many notable sites. Now I feel I am moving forward in achieving my #1 goal. My experience is the key component in moving my career forward. Knowledge is power and experience is gained through knowledge. So now I am ready for bigger things, I want to challenge myself. My fighting urge will not give up or give in for anyone. I will accomplish the goals I have planned for myself. Through patience and perseverance…ANYTHING is possible in the world and nothing can stand in my way.

Area’s of Expertise

I’m very passionate about studying and following the sport of MMA. I enjoy reporting and attending events. I have attended many UFC, Bellator, Invicta events as media and feel I have really stepped up my expertise in the sport because of this.

Training Background

I taught kickboxing from 2003- 2009 in different gyms in Florida and California. I have trained BJJ and MT also.