Kin Winslow will referee the next season of TUF???

Kin Winslow will referee the next season of TUF???

Kim Winslow, lhas been assigned as the upcoming TUF season’s reffere. Hate her or love her ( I personaly do not like her style or in the ring) she will be the third woman or person in the ring.

“It is always satisfying to reach a goal you set for yourself. I have wanted to ref for The Ultimate Fighter during the season. I have worked Tuf finales since 2009 but never during the series. I of course will not be discussing anything that occurs but I have been asked to work and am honored to do so. This season is going to be extraordinary already and getting to be part of that is extremely exciting, humbling, crazy, okay just flat out awesome!!!

Winslow confirmed the news on Facebook recently. The season will include female coaches – Ronda Rousey and Cat Zingano – and female fighters.

It is scheduled to air in September on FOX Sports 1.

Posted by Duane