UPDATE! – Matt Grice In hospital following off duty accident on 9/8

UPDATE! – Matt Grice In hospital following off duty accident on 9/8

UFC featherweight Matt Grice remains under the watchful eye of doctors Monday (9/9) morning following a car accident Sunday (9/8) in Oklahoma.

Grice, 32 years old and a police officer in Oklahoma City, was off-duty when he was stuck from behind at a red light by another car. He was sent into the car in front of him.

You can read the Notificaiton here.

According to Daniel Rubenstein, stated earlier this morning (9/9) via twitter  that his “Vitals are stable but still in very serious condition. Docs will MRI/Catscan in AM & determine best course of plan.”

Grice had surgery late Sunday night to alleviate swelling and bleeding around the brain. He was scheduled to face Jeremy Larsen later this year.

Just tweeted by Rubenstein PM on 9/9:





You can follow Daniel @dannyrube on twitter. He is in OK and at hospital I’m sure he will be tweeting updates.

UPDATE 9/10/13 – No official updated on Grice today, Dana White did state at Pre fight presser today that they wish him and the family the best. His family has asked for privacy during this time. However it is reported that Grice is still in ICU. We will update if any news is received.  Per Matt’s wife: Matt was wearing seat belt when the accident happened, contrary to what news reported. Nurse responding to scene removed it. Released today Grice’s bout on UFC 166 prelims was removed today, leaving Jeremy Larsen without a challenger. However Charles Oliveira’s opponent also got called to the injury field and now the two will fight each other at UFC 166.

UPDATE 9/16/13 – He’s stable, but still in critical condition. Still sedated. Doctors will decide today to wake him or wait. Will probably know more once doctors do evening rounds. Will update.

UPDATE 9/18/13 – He is off sedation for 2 days but still asleep, waking up for seconds (eyes closed). Making brisk movements & breathing on own.  Will have a temp tracheotomy & feeding tube. Once he’s awake and alert we’ll know more on his short/long term outcome.

The Grice family thanks all of you for all of your positive thoughts and prayers in this tough time of need. You can email your best wishes to Matt and family at mattgricemma@gmail.com, tweet him at @mattgricemma, or post on his Facebook fan page at https://www.facebook.com/mattgricemma.

A donation fund has been set up for Matt Grice and his family. Please donate if you have the means. https://hopemob.org/s/1re-matt-grice-donation-fund …