The needs to knows about the new UFC-Reebok ‘fight kit’ uniforms and gear

The needs to knows about the new UFC-Reebok ‘fight kit’ uniforms and gear

Finally the UFC and Reebok today unveiled the uniforms and gear that make up their new “fight kits” as part of the recently established “athlete outfitting policy.” So now the backlash will begin again at how this is going to change the UFC. I strongly believe the next 6 years we will get used to this as the common norm of just how it is.

At a star-studded press conference today in New York City, some of the UFC’s biggest stars were in attendance.

The deal was announced in December to much talk and controversy, since this is the program, which will eliminate the fighters traditional fight-night sponsorships with outside companies. While initially basing a fighter’s individual Reebok-sponsorship pay to his or her position in the official UFC rankings, officials ultimately overhauled the plan and instead now base it on seniority, with pay starting at $2,500 and climbing to $40,000 for champions.

The kits, which debut next week at UFC 189, made their debut today. Please see the video posted below.

Here are some details:

  • UFC and Reebok officials talked about “performance and customization” being the most important features of the new fight-night gear.
  • UFC President Dana White said fighter reaction has been very positive.
  • The fighters were introduced by their home country, with each nation having its own version of a uniform. The UFC champs (aside from UFC 189 headliner Jose Aldo, who’s in Brazil finishing his camp) came out last.
  • The uniforms looked largely the same aside from color variations. The UFC logo was most dominant, though Reebok marks were also clearly visible. The fighter’s name is on the back of the jersey, and country patches are on the sleeves.
  • There are three types of kits in all: the country kit, a universal kit and a champion kit.
  • The country kits feature each country’s colors with nation-specific design elements.
  • The champion kits are largely black with gold and red trim.
  • Walkout hoodies, jerseys and sports bras are also available as part of the kits. UFC champ Ronda Rousey spoke at length about the sports bras and how they were designed specifically for combat fighting.
  • The kits and fights can be purchased at

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Posted by Kelley Tidwell