Penn: I never should have fought at featherweight

Penn: I never should have fought at featherweight


Rumors recently surfaced that UFC Hall of Famer BJ Penn was fighting newcomer Suman Mokhtarian at UFC 221 on February 11, 2018 at Perth Arena in Perth, Western Australia.

The rumor even had a poster

However, Chris Taylor for went to the source and the rumor is false.


“I wish,” said a laughing Penn. “But as of right now there is no plans of me fighting.”

No plans is not the same thing as never, however. Penn was asked if he would fight again if the UFC held an event in Hawaii.

“Of course I would love to fight in Hawaii,” said Penn. “Hopefully the UFC and the state of Hawaii can come together and get it done. I know that Hawaiian fans are starving for a UFC event. It would be amazing.”

If he did know, Penn doesn’t know who it would be vs. but he know what division it wouldn’t be in.

“I don’t know, I haven’t really been thinking about fighting that much lately,” he conceded. “But one thing is for sure, I would never fight at 145-pounds again!”

“I should have never fought at 145. It was a bad decision to move down in weight at my age. Maybe if I had made the move in my early twenties it would have been different. But I did not feel good at 145.”

Posted by Kelley Tidwell

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