Post Fight Interview with Rick ‘Boomer’ Reger

Post Fight Interview with Rick ‘Boomer’ Reger

Fighters Name: Rick ‘Boomer’ Reger

Fighting out of (gym): North Concord, CA – Gracie Fighter also representing FKI Fitness

Promotion: Gladiator Challenge

Most recent fight: November 23 2013, Mike ‘Q’ Quanitance

How was your preparation for your most recent fight?

I don’t train fight to fight I train to be the best mixed martial artist I can be.

What does a typical training camp look like for you?

I train everyday sometime twice a day. I work grappling and striking everyday.

So, your most recent fight, who was your opponent and how did you go?

Mike Q is a black belt in jiu-jitsu and an instructor with Team Carnage currently 5-1. The fight went good; my striking was on point and I was able to get the best of the clinch. I won round 1, came on rd2 we had a good exchange mike got a double leg on me and I locked in the guillotine choke and finished the fight!

How did you rate your own performance in the fight?

I feel good about my performance, it’s tricky fighting highly skilled jits guys so it forces you to fight extra smart and be very patient.

What changes do you plan to make to your fight game in the future?

Every fight I learn a little but more about the type of fighter I am I plan to raise the bar even more and continue to progress as a mixed martial artist.

What would you like to say to all of your fans and sponsors out there?

I’m very grateful for all the support and although I compete 1-on-1 it’s a team effort preparing to fight. I’m thankful to train with the high caliber fighters I train with I learn a lot from guys like Nate Diaz , Yancy Maderios and Danny Castillo – these guys have unbelievable work ethics and it’s very motivating for me to train with guys that are where I want to be.

Any plans for your next fight?

I have nothing scheduled as of now but I’m healthy physically and mentally ready to get right back to work and jump on any and every opportunity that come’s my way.

Posted by Josh