Post Fight Interview – Terrion Ware

Post Fight Interview – Terrion Ware

Fighters Name: Terrion Ware

Fighting out of (gym): System Training Center in Hawthorne CA

Most recent fight: Oct 31st vs Kevin Michel

Promotion: King of the Cage

How did you first get involved in MMA?

I’ve been invloved in sports my whole life baseball,football,basketball,soccer,track,karate, and boxing, about 4 years ago while playing semi pro football I tore my mcl sat around on the couch getting fat for a year. I got up to 185lbs and said enough,i had been watching mma during that time and noticed these guys were in great shape so i started looking for a gym. found a gym lost 30lbs in 2 months and then 2 months later had my first fight the rest is history.

What sort of a fighter would you say you are?

I started off with using more of a kickboxing style because of my boxing and karate background but I’d say I’m very well rounded at this point I have 4 ko’s and two submissions and of my last 3 fights i got those 2 submissions.

Talk to us about your most recent fight, who was your opponent and how did you go?

I came out picked him apart on the feet he went for a takedown that I stuffed I took his back and while going for a choke I slipped off his back he ended in my guard and I locked up a triangle choke –  I got the win by submission 4:37 of round 1.

How did you rate your own performance in the fight?

9.5 out of 10

What changes do you plan to make to your fight game in the future?

I plan to step up my training in all areas currently I have a full time job so I train as much as I can get in but if all goes as planned in the next 3 months i will be a full-time fighter.

Any plans for your next fight?

Nothing in the works right now but I do want a high level opponent with a good record at 9-2 1or 2 quality wins I think gives me a shot to get into a major promotion.

What would you like to say to all of your fans and sponsors out there?

To my fans thank you for your continued support it means a lot. To my sponsors magic sweat creme,fight me clothing,bombfirst clothing,bite me mouthguards, and takedown grapplewear thank you for having back always. For you other sponsors out there hop on the flash bandwagon before its too late.