Ronny Jason’s embarrassing antics lead too…..

Ronny Jason’s embarrassing antics lead too…..


Rony Jason‘s UFC Fight Night 32 experience just went from bad to worse to completely embarrassing. After getting knocked out by Jeremy Stephens at UFC Fight Night 32 and suffering his first loss in the organization, Rony Jason did even more damage to himself backstage. Let’s see the damage:

Jason punched himself in the face repeatedly and smashed a door with his elbow after his fight backstage, requiring a total of 22 stitches to his arm and head.


“I needed 15 stitches in my elbow and seven over my eye,” the fighter explained.

“I punched my head twice after the fight, I was so angry. But that’s nothing compared to my loss. I’m devastated.

“I hurt my elbow, but I’m okay… I was crying, angry with my loss, and I landed my elbow on the door. It’s hurt, but didn’t break any bones. I was just devastated at that moment.

“I’ve trained for a long time for this fight. I was undefeated for four years. Unfortunately, this is an individual sport and I have to deal with it.”

This just goes to show just how hard fighters can take losses, especially ones where there is the possibility of concussion. Jason walked into a kick and that was his night.

Of course, he has nothing to be ashamed of by simply losing but I guess his outburst is the only thing that could ease the frustration. The let down of Jason training for years and months for such a moment only to have it end quickly and not in your favor is a horrible demise.

Now, the Brazilian MMA Athletic Commission (CABMMA) has suspended him 30 days for “anti-sportsmanship conduct,” the commission confirmed.

The 30-day suspension won’t go into effect until after the fighter serves a 180-day medical suspension. That means Jason will be out of action until at least June 2014.

(Watch the Jeremy Stephens vs. Rony Jason fight video.)

UFC President Dana White said he’s willing to give Jason a pass despite his backstage antics. But I bet this is his one and only time to have such an outburst.

“Listen, this stuff happens, man,” White said after the event. “Especially a young guy, a big loss like that, a devastating loss like that, you do stupid stuff sometimes. I don’t think he expected to slice his arm open and get hurt, but it happens.”


Posted by Kelley Tidwell