Ryan Bader: Daniel Cormier Is Turning Into A Diva

Ryan Bader: Daniel Cormier Is Turning Into A Diva

Ryan Bader and Daniel Cormier sure shared words at this past Saturday’s Post Press Conferance.

After Cormier claimed the vacant UFC light heavyweight title last month, Bader appeared before him during the post-fight press conference, reigniting their lengthy Twitter feud. The two were scheduled to meet here this coming weekend before officials moved “DC” into the title fight with Anthony Johnson.

Bader said the following at a recent interview.

“I think he talks so much that everything is a tangled web. He doesn’t remember what he said in the last interview and he can’t shut his mouth,” Bader said. “So everything, he just keeps spewing out crap and then when you call him on something, you know it’s a whole other story. So he wants to fight me, he wants to shut my mouth, he wants this, and then he thinks I should fight him, and then he wants to fight Jon Jones, but Jon Jones is going to be out for a while, so he’ll fight me again.

“So who knows. I have no clue what he’s doing.”

“Just randomly people come up and just say his whole demeanor (has changed) and he’s not the guy he used to be. And not even fighters or anything, just people; your regular ‘Joe kickboxing,’ you know cardio-kickboxing people that go the gym,” he said. “And so that’s what I was just saying, just that whole deal. We come from a wrestling background where we never got any accolades. You go out there, win nationals or become an All-American, you get a hug from your Mom and handshake from your Dad and that’s it. And that’s what we’re used to. And you go through your life humbly and you go into this whole MMA deal and people want your autograph and you’re like ‘Holy crap. Why do people want my autograph?’

“And you respect the fans and just respect yourself and the sport itself. That’s what people love about MMA. They love that there’s no real divas and we’re all accessible, and they can come up and shake your hand and take a picture. And 99-percent of the fighters are like that. You know? I just don’t want to see Cormier or any other fighters start taking that Diva route. And so like you saw right when he came to the press-conference, he goes ‘address me as champ.’ And you know he could be kind of joking around here and there, but you know I’ve been around him, and I can just see it just piling on, piling on, and pretty soon he’s going to be a full blown diva.”

Posted by Kelley Tidwell