Sean Sherk announces MMA Retirement

Sean Sherk announces MMA Retirement

Sean Sherk hasn’t fought since midway through 2010, however he was a booth signer at this past July at the UFC Expo.  But I’m not surprised when “The Shark” announced his retirement recently.

However there may be more of a reason for his retirement, as he seems to have a pretty serious hip injury. He stated in a previous interview:

“Now that I’m retiring I can tell the truth,” Sherk said. “I know it’s always been one of the top questions. Obviously I couldn’t say anything because otherwise opponents would pinpoint that stuff, but I had MRIs done [ahead of the Penn fight] and found out that both of my hips were torn and that I was going to need surgery. The doctor basically told me at that point in time, ‘if you have surgery on this you’ll never be 100 percent again – you’ll lose your mobility, you’ll lose your quick twitch and some of the explosion, and you’ll lose some of the agility.’

“And to me it just wasn’t worth it, so I said, you know what, I’ll just deal with the pain. I said, I’ll just deal with this as long as I can. And that’s what I did. Gradually over the years my hips got worse and worse and worse. About two weeks ago I was told I needed hip replacement surgery. So that was the deciding factor right there. I went from needing surgery to fix torn labrums to needing total replacement.”

Sherk, who won the UFC lightweight title in 2008 with a victory over Kenny Florian, finishes his career with a record of 36-4-1. He was stripped of the title after testing positive for performance enhancing drugs.

During his UFC run, Sherk compiled an 8-4 record, including a loss to BJ Penn upon returning from suspension for the UFC title.

“Have to say thanks for all the great support I’ve had over the years,” Sherk posted on Twitter. “It’s been an honor and privilege fighting for UFC and all the fans.”

Posted by Kelley Tidwell