The Phenom Vitor Belfort

The Phenom Vitor Belfort

It’s funny to think that a guy who has been fighting in the UFC since 1997 can still be causing such a ruckus in the 185-pound division and has a level of anticipation when he fights that rivals some of the greats in this fine organisation.

If we take a quick walk down memory lane we will remember that Vitor is a former Light Heavyweight Champion, multiple time title contender and multiple time main eventer; however it’s the last 18 months that he has regenerated his career and with it comes popularity that rivals his championship days.

The last 18 months have been very interesting for Vitor indeed; a slick submission of an emerging star, a loss to the reigning Light Heavyweight Champion [however we cant forget that Vitor came the closets to dethroning Jones than anyone has yet]; a head kick KO of a top ranked contender and then a spinning back kick KO of the last ever Strikeforce Middleweight Champion. Hard to argue this is one of the most impressive runs of recent time.

Not only is Vitor putting on great fights, he is significantly contributing to the pre-fight banter; now he is no Chael Sonnen however he is generating enough heat to make you want to watch him do his thing inside the Octagon.  His verbal battles with Michael Bisping and Luke Rockhold were extremely entertaining, but unlike most fighters he was able to back it up with highlight real KO’s. He seems focussed, he seems in shape and he seems hungry to recapture UFC gold once again.

Vitor has always had this sense of danger about him; it’s almost like a persona that’s both intimidating yet humbling at the same time. The makeup of speed and power that he poses are a deadly combination, a combination that a number of UFC fighters have felt. You know when a Belfort fight is added to a card that you are going to get an exciting fight.

The Anderson Silva pre-fight will always remain one of my favourite spectacles in the UFC. The anticipation coming into that fight had the mixed martial arts world going dead set crazy; the passion, the energy, it honestly made the hair on the back of my neck stand up. This is what Vitor brings to the UFC; he brings anticipation and excitement.

I for one cant get enough of watching this version of Vitor Belfort! This version is relentless, this version is dangerous and this version wants to inflict as much harm as humanly possibly. This version of Vitor Belfort is the next UFC Middleweight Champion I don’t doubt that for a second. The Phenom Vitor Belfort is exactly that…