Tito Ortiz crashes car; arrested for DUI

Tito Ortiz crashes car; arrested for DUI

He’s always being talked about if it’s not for some silly injury or his relationship(ish) with Jenna Jamison Tito is always in the news. But this time it’s no joke, Tito got busted for DUI in the wee hours of the morning Monday.

At about 4:00am, Ortiz was involved in a single-car accident when he lost control of his Porsche Panamera and crashed it into a concrete median. He got stuck with a DUI and has already been released on $15,000 bail.

This won’t look good for the fighter, He’s recently involved in an ugly breakup/child custody battle with his insane ex, Jameson, and just can’t seem to keep his head on straight long enough to make progress in his so-called “fighting career.” He already ruined to say the least Bellator’s first PPV by pulling out, thus allowing the fights to be shown for free—and without the unnecessary Tito/Rampage fight.

What will happen next?

Posted by Kelley Tidwell