Tito Ortiz Says UFC Fixes Fights – By Kelley

Tito Ortiz Says UFC Fixes Fights – By Kelley

Seems to be a handfull of  ex-UFC star claiming fights inside the Octagon are “fixed,” Tito Ortiz recently made a similar claim.

In a new Periscope social media chat with fans, which you can watch above, “The Huntington Beach Bad Boy” says he agrees with Silva, pointing to his third fight with Forest as an example.

“Wanderlei (Silva) talking about fixed fights. I dunno, I agree with him because I kick Forrest (Griffin’s) ass the third time we fought.”

Ortiz continued, “I knocked him down three times, I took him down four times, I gave him an ass-whooping. For the first time in UFC history, they give ‘strikes attempted.’ They credited him for that. What the fuck is strikes attempted?”

Tito concluded, “Wanderlei talks about fixed fights? Possibly. That was a fixed fight. I kicked his ass. Don’t listen to Joe Rogan. Don’t listen to the bullshit he has to say. Turn off the audio and watch that fight again. I broke his jaw, c’mon.”

Posted by Kelley Tidwell