Top 5 Punching Tips

Top 5 Punching Tips

1.   Pivot your hips so you put your whole body behind the punch. If your only throwing with your shoulder you will be losing a lot of power so turn you body to maximize the force.

2.   Use combinations to wear your opponent down. The jab is pivotal when it comes to linking effective combinations so dont forget about the diverse range of jabs you can throw. Remember its not often you will land a one punch KO so mix up your attack in order to keep your opponent guessing; the opening your after will then come.

3.   Use fakes to confuse your opponent. You don’t need to follow through every time so throw the odd fake and follow up with a targeted combination (or power shot if you see the opening).

4.   Go to the body. Body shots are still the most underrated punches in boxing but if you throw effective ones you will significantly impact your opponents’ cardio; versatility and you might even stop them.

5.   Don’t forget to breath! Each time you throw a punch exhale otherwise you will gas quickly and become a sitting duck for your opponent.

Try to utilize these 5 tips next stop you’re punching and you will definitely reap the rewards.

Posted by Duane