UFC 168: Serra Apologizes for Silva Comment

UFC 168: Serra Apologizes for Silva Comment

As we all know how 168 ended – with Silva in a crumpled heap on the canvas, clutching his shattered shin and wailing in pain. But if you listen closely in the moments after the bout was waved off, you can hear someone who’s mic’ed up utter in a thick Long Island accent “Fuck him.” Harsh words? Yes, but according to Weidman coach Matt Serra – who confessed to being the voice behind those words on yesterday’s “The MMA Hour” – those words weren’t meant they way they sounded.

“When this happened, when [Anderson] dropped, we didn’t see what you guys saw at home. We just saw him drop. So I’ve seen a thousand sparring sessions where a guy kicks an elbow, or a guy kicks a knee and the guy drops and the sparring session’s over or, if it’s a fight, then the fight is over. I’m not thinking the guy’s leg’s in half.”

“So when that happened it felt like an eternity…but it happened very fast, it’s all in the moment. So I was like, ‘did we win? Oh f— it, good!’ But it came out, ‘oh good, f— him, we won.’ But man, listen, Anderson, not only is he a legend, but anybody — it wasn’t me watching that thing break, I didn’t even see until the next day how that thing broke, his leg. We’re not heartless pricks, we’re not bad sportsmen. He’s got kids, he’s got people that love him.”

Serra went on to say that he called Silva’s former manager, Ed Soares, to apologize and explain himself.

For those who don’t know Serra, he truly is the farthest thing from a bad sport. In addition, when he talks conversationally, he drops profanity like it’s nothing. Did you catch the 4 camera footage, listen closely you can hear it all.

Posted by Kelley Tidwell