UFC 242 – Results (Part 2- Main Card)

UFC 242 – Results (Part 2- Main Card)

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Curtis Blaydes vs Shamil Abdurakhimov

Round 1 Blaydes lands takedown and continued to have dominant top control with Shamil pressed up against the fence. The round winds down with Blaydes continuing to drain Shamil from the top. The round ends with Shamil getting saved by the bell with Blaydes landing elbow after elbow.

Blaydes lands a takedown right out of the gate and continues to mount Shamil from the back. The fight comes to an end with Curtis punishing from the top with elbows.

Winner by TKO – Curtis Blaydes

Islam Makhachev vs Davi Ramos

With a very slow feeling out process, Islam shot for a takedown which Ramos defended. The rest of the round both fighters continued to pick their shots extremely cautiously.

Davi opens up round 2 strong with hard shots followed by a takedown that is stuffed by Islam. Both fighters continue to be patient with their striking, and Ramos lands a glancing jab that stuns Makhachev. Halfway through round 2, Islam is starting to connect with his shots and it looks like he has found his groove.

Davi comes out hunting down Makhachev and gets tagged by a knee, which drops him. Ramos survives the onslaught and continues to defend off of his back with Islam continuing with top pressure. The remaining 4 minutes are spend with Islam controlling from the top.

Winner by Unanimous Split Decision Islam Makhachev

Edson Barboza vs Paul Felder

Barboza and Felder open up swinging for the fences. After a few exchanges, Felder shoots for the takedown and presses Edson against the fence. Edson is able to disengage and return to the center of the Octagon. The round ends with Barboza getting the better of the striking, which is obvious by looking at Felders face.

The first minute seems to be a straight up Muah Thai fight when Barboza times a perfectly timed shot for a takedown. While on bottom, Felder attempts an arm lock, when Barboza postures up and lets Felder drop to the ground. Round 2 ends with some even exchanges on the feet.

Round three starts with Felder moving forward, but Barboza deflecting and moving around. Barbara’s tank seemed to fade in the final round while Felder seemed to continue applying pressure.

Winner by Split Decision – Paul Felder

Khabib Nurmagomedov vs Dustin Poirier

With a slow opening minute, Khabib is able to get Poirier to the ground. Khabib wore down from the top, Poirier continually getting back to his feet just to get taken back down. Round ends 1-0 Khabib.

Dustin gets a glimmer of hope landing nice 1-2 which appeared to stun Khabib, briefly. Khabib rode Dustin down for another 4 and a half minutes until the bell gets Khabib off of Poirier.

Round three opens with Khabib shooting for the takedown, but Poirier threatens with a deep guillotine where Khabib appeared to panic for a short moment. Khabib shakes the submission to take Poiriers back and finishes with his signature rear naked choke. The fighters sport each others shirts during the ceremonial hand raising.

Winner by Submission due to Rear Naked Choke – Khabib Nurmagomedov

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