UFC 242 Prelims-Results (PART1)

UFC 242 Prelims-Results (PART1)

UFC 242 Prelims-Results (Part 1)

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Ottman Azaitar vs Teemu Packalen

After a srappy back and forth opening between Ottman Azaitar and Teemu Packalen, Azaitar throws a hard overhand right that lands right above the ear to put Teemu down cold.

Winner by KO Ottman Azaitar

Liana Jojua vs Sarah Moras

Jojua opens up round 1 cautiously while Moras stands tall and marches forward. Moras finish round one with Jojua pressed up against the fence.

Round 2 starts with Moras bringing all of the pressure, pinning Jojua against the cage. Morris ends up on bottom for a split second as the fight goes to the ground. Round 2 winds down with Moras on top reigning down dominant strikes.

Round 3 starts with Jojua shooting for the duck under single, which ends up with Moras on top. She controlled top position and finished the fight with strikes from the top for a round 3 TKO Finish.

Winner by TKO Sarah Moras

Zubaira Tukhugov vs Lerone Murphy

Zuba connects with a solid left hook putting Lerone on the canvas allowing Zuba to control from the top position, which he pretty much did for three rounds. There were glimmers of hope for Murphy in he brief moments that Tukhugov was not either on his legs or smothering him.

Split-Decision draw

Joanne Calderwood vs Andrea Lee

For the first half of the first round, it was a pure Muay Thai fight that it looked like Andrea was winning. Just under 3 minutes in Calderwood lands a take down, in which Lee was able to retain dominant top position. Round one finished out with Lee on top in side control.

Round 2 was back and forth. both fighters displayed great Muay Thai and great wrestling. Lee scored a takedown and laced the legs for a short while early. As it got back to the feet, it was again a very even with both fighters landing good shots. Calderwood ends the round with a takedown and a similar leg lace pressing Lee against the fence.

The first half of round 3 was give and take. Lee and Calderwood were happy to trade punishment before Lee lands a single leg. Calderwood gets up to fight back against the cage and is able to score a takedown herself to end the round.

Split decision win for Joanne Calderwood

Mairbek Taisumov vs Diego Ferreira

Round 1 opens up with Ferreira chasing down a very slick Taisumov, every now and then getting tagged. About halfway through Diego gets stunned and smartly disengages and seems to recover. Ferreira finishes the round still chasing Mairbek down to no avail.

Ferreira opens up with some solid punches and a a head kick. Diego continues to be the cat walking Taisumov down, finally landing solid shot after solid shot. The tide of the fight is seeming to shift to favor Ferriera.

Halfway through and Ferreira continues to come forward throwing nothing but power. His cardio and endurance is not in question whatsoever after his scary weight-cut. Ferreira finishes out the fight continually moving forward with bad intentions.

Unanimous Decision win for Diego Ferreira

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