Upcoming Fights – The Must Sees and the Avoiders

Upcoming Fights – The Must Sees and the Avoiders

We as fight fans are truly lucky to have some very exciting fights coming up in the near future; but there are also a few that I would prefer to avoid. See lets have a look at 3 ‘Must Sees’ and 3 ‘Avoiders’.

Must Sees

Jose Also v Anthony Pettis 

Jose Aldo have proven to be unbeatable in recent years building up an impressive resume of high calibre fighters that have fallen at his feet! He will however be confronted with an extremely tough test when he faces Anthony ‘Showtime’ Pettis in his 145 pound debut. Both these fighters are athletic, energetic and dangerous on their feet. Jose Aldo can cut you down with vicious leg kicks, which also sets up his diverse striking artillery; while Pettis can literally hit you from any angle and is relentless when he finds an opening. This should be a stand up showcase between two highly talented fighters.

Chan Sung Jung vs. Ricardo Lamas

The Korean Zombie has some devastating striking (just ask Mark Hominick). A great like Jose Aldo landed some clean shots and couldn’t stop Hominick yet Jung landed one clean shot and stopped him in his tracks. His power is scary, and if he connects the fight is generally over. Ricardo Lamas has built up an impressive win streak and stopped the 1 time #1 contender Eric Koch in his last outing. Lamas is really well rounded; his jits is crafty and he has fight ending power not to mention some brutal elbows.

Thiago Alves vs. Matt Brown

I’ve been a long time fan of the pit bull; he has leg kicks that rival Jose Aldo, punching power that ends fights and a killer instinct unrivalled at 170 pounds. He has a granite chin, which is evident by the fact that he has rarely been stopped in his career; and I honestly think he gets better the harder the fight gets. Matt Brown is coming off an upset yet truly inspirational win over the highly rated Jordan Mein. Brown is an old school brawler who likes to drag his opponents into a fistfight; throw in a few knees and elbows for good measure and you have yourself a blood bath. There is no way that this fight will be disappointing.


Dan Henderson vs. Rashad Evans

It pains me to say this because I am a Hendo fan however with this fight I see Hendo swinging for the fences while Rashad Evans runs away to avoid any damage. If Hendo can connect he will finish this in brutal fashion; but Rashad’s tendency to stay way outside of the pocket and move in a non-confrontational manner means this will more than likely result in a boring yet controversial decision.

Josh Koscheck vs. Damian Maia

I’m thinking that this will be the very boring end to Josh Koscheck’s UFC career. Similar to Rashad Evans, Koscheck tends to avoid confrontation in his twilight years and prefers a ‘loose jab and move’ approach. When pressed he relies on his wrestling and if he can eventually get the takedown, its dry hump city. Maia is a very talented BJJ practitioner however his striking is pretty average which generally results in a clinch battle in preparation for a submission. This fight will more than likely be a combination of distant striking mixed with some clinch work against the fence.

Jacare Souza vs. Yushin Okami

Once again it pains me to include this fight in my ‘Avoiders’ list however Okami has the ability [and strength] to clinch and smother Souza for 3 boring rounds. Okami has this suffocating style but no through striking pressure, it’s more of a combative ballroom dancing. If he gets hold of you, he has a vice like grip that’s hard to break. The only hope here is that Souza is that damn good and he should be able to judo throw Okami if he starts clinching and submit him if he takes it to the ground. There is however the unfortunate chance that this could be the old snooze fest.