Using the Jab

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Using the Jab

The jab is still the most underrated punch in boxing; however when it’s used effectively it can negate attacks from your opponent and set up a wide range of combinations.

Next time your practicing your jab try mixing it up by throwing the following jabs:

Straight Jab

To throw the straight jab from your normal stance, step forward with your lead foot (left foot if you are an orthodox fighter) as you extend your arm directly towards your opponent. Make sure you bring your lead hand back to its defensive position to protect against the counter hook.

Double Jab

The double jab follows the same process as the straight jab, except you snap another jab out quickly after the first jab. This is my favourite jab as it consistently catches my opponents off guard as they are generally preparing for a right hand and instead they are met with another jab. For even more effectiveness immediately after you throw the double jab let go of a right cross or overhand right.

Body Jab

Sounds simple; but its very effective. Once again the body jab follows similar origins to that of the straight jab expect you aim it at the body. Perfect placement for me is the sternum because not only does it put your opponent off guard, after a few decent ones it starts to take their breath away. For the perfect combination put a little extra weight on your lead foot, which will cause you to lean forward a little more, then once the jab has connected uncork the big overhand right.


As always no matter what sort of jab you are throwing make sure you exhale as you punch and keep your alternate hand up nice and high to defend against any counters.

  • Alisha

    Thanks for the tips. Might just have to get back into boxing!

  • The Beast

    Great work guys! This is a highly under utilised move