What’s the ‘Rush’…?

What’s the ‘Rush’…?

At UFC 167 the great Georges St Pierre once again defended his Welterweight Championship this time against worthy contender Johny Hendricks. GSP was awarded a controversial Split Decision victory in a fight that most media moguls and the UFC President Dana White thought Johny won. Regardless of the controversy behind the result, GSP won and cemented his position as the greatest Welterweight fighter of all time and potentially the GOAT. During his emotional post fight interview with Joe Rogan, GSP indicated he would be taking time off to deal with some personal issues… and that’s when the dogs attacked!

GSP indicated he is currently dealing with some personal and mental demons. He says “I have issues, I’m going crazy, I can’t sleep” – he is clearly burnt out after years of doubling as the UFC’s biggest draw card. The man has earnt his rest yet people immediately cry conspiracy theory – he doesn’t want to rematch Hendricks; Hendricks beat him into mental submission… the list goes on and on.

I respect Dana White however I was disgusted by his post fight antics… to criticise GSP and suggest things like ‘fight or retire’ or ‘there is no vacation in the UFC’ is absolutely appalling and he should be ashamed of himself. Lets not forget Dana, GSP is your biggest biggest draw card, he helped get the UFC to the position it is in today, he took every fight you offered him and never said no… and this is how you support him in his darkest hour. You know people say you are a real as$hole – at that press conference you proved it.

And then the MMA public; damn I have never seen anyone jump off a fighter so quickly! You say he is washed up, scared or way past his best, but you have short memories! It was just a few months back that most of you were praying for him to destroy Nick Diaz, and a few months before that you wanted him to dismantle Josh Koscheck – and look at you now… really short memories!

The mental battle that fighters face is no joke; my first sensei said to me “through most of your career you will fight yourself more than you will fight your opponents” – how true that actually is. I have no idea what GSP is going through however I sympathise with him as I too have fought the mental demons and unfortunately lost. I was at the peak of my training ready to take on the MMA world, however an incident derailed my plans for good. Surgery, rehab – the physical scars healed however the mental ones will be with me forever and I have not been the same person since! GSP may be going through worse things then I went through, but for all you haters – maybe show some compassion before you throw him to the wolves!!

GSP may retire; he may not, but if he does let me very quickly give you a walk down memory lane…

–       25 wins with only 2 loses

–       2 time UFC Welterweight Champion

–       9 consecutive Welterweight Title defences

–       A resume of wins including:

  • Matt Hughes (twice)
  • Matt Sera
  • Frank Trigg
  • Sean Sherk
  • BJ Penn (twice)
  • Josh Koscheck (twice)
  • Jon Fitch
  • Tiago Alves
  • Jake Shields
  • Dan Hardy
  • Carlos Condit
  • Nick Diaz
  • Johny Hendricks

GSP said it himself “I left my heart in the Octagon” and that is something that not only I truly believe, I am truly grateful for. The man gave everything he had to this sport and proved himself too be one of the best martial artists the world has ever seen. Maybe think about that next time you jump onto social media and throw a sucker punch!! He deserves better.

And Georges, if this is the end of the road and you decide to hang ‘em up… merci, thanks for the memories!!

Blog by Josh @thefightershub




    Nov 25

    Bobby Cullari

    I thought Johny won, but people need to get off GSP’s case.
    He’s a fighting champion, and if he decides to keep fighting, there will be a rematch. That will answer all the lingering questions.
    As for George’s personal issues, BUTT OUT!