Will Whittaker be the New Miocic? UFC 243 Press Conference

Will Whittaker be the New Miocic? UFC 243 Press Conference

The UFC hosted the UFC 243 Press Conference with Robert Whittaker and Israel Adesanya yesterday to promote the fight between the two scheduled for Saturday October 5th. The contest is to be held at Marvel Stadium in Melbourne, Australia.

The interview portion of the presser lasted about 30 minutes before they squared off. Adesanya schooling the crowd on Maori warrior culture, and talking about his ‘holes’ post-Gastelum fight were extremely memorable, but there was nothing of note from Whittaker other than his usual respectful, mild-mannered self. It is no doubt that Whittaker is a warrior in the cage and that he sacrifices it all in the gym, but how will he be remembered as a champion?

Similar to Stipe Miocic in their stoicism and belief in keeping the emotions to a minimal, I fear that his legacy may be, also, similar.

While Miocic holds the most Heavyweight title defenses, at 3, it seems that at this point in his career, the casual fan probably doesn’t know too much about him. Being both a firefighter and UFC champion should probably make you an All-American Hero and household name; should.

Whittaker-Adesanya is sure to be a great fight, which I, personally, cannot wait for. At this point it looks like Stylebender is going to have to carry all the publicity for this promotional tour, which may be the nail in the coffin for the Reaper. If things don’t go well for Robert, he may end up in a similar predicament to Miocic.

Photo courtesy of The UFC

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