WMMA in the UFC

WMMA in the UFC

It’s safe to say the initial emergence of WMMA in the UFC has been nothing short of a monumental success. Two fights down, two fight on the nights in in my point of view and an abundant amount of excitement from the MMA purists. WMMA in the UFC is here to stay, so hats of to Mr President Dana White.

The build up to the first WMMA fight in the UFC was interesting with the emergence of an initial small divide. Most were excited by the opportunity to see women fight in the UFC however there was a small collective who where happy with the absence of WMMA in the UFC. I for one was one of the excited people as I hadn’t witnessed a huge amount of WMMA fights but what I had seen impressed we greatly. What I have seen so far in the UFC has clearly justified my point of view; athleticism, technique, heart and toughness are just a few words that come to mind! And as for the doubters, well I’m sure their point of view has changed.

Our first exposure to WMMA in the UFC was the WMMA poster girl Ronda Rousey against Liz Carmouche. The build up was intense, the crowd were amped and the fight delivered ten fold. In just a little over 4 minutes we witnessed numerous submission attempts, technical boxing and solid wrestling. Rousey was almost caught in an awkward choke/neck crank but showed great heart in sticking it out and eventually escaped the hold. As if this wasn’t exciting enough soon after Rousey completed a picture perfect arm bar to submit Carmouche. This fight was a historic moment in time for the UFC, and these two warriors didn’t disappoint.

After we got a chance to catch our breath the ladies were back with Miesha Tate taking on Cat Zingano. For me this fight was even more exciting as it was what I would call a dead set war. Fight fans witnessed haymaker punches, thunderous takedowns and brutal ground and pound for 2 ½ rounds with Zingano eventually finishing Tate with a couple of Anderson Silva like knees to the mush. Second WMMA fight – massive success.

The challenge now is for the WMMA fighters to keep producing this calibre of fights, but with Ronda Rousey vs. Cat Zingano and Miesha Tate vs. Liz Carmouche just around the corner I am sure this will be no problem at all.

Posted by Duane